Friday, November 13 to Sunday, December 6




The Rencontres Monde-s Multiple-s are over. Thanks to all of you!

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With less than a month to go before the start of our Rencontres Internationales Monde-s Multiple-s-1, we are entering a second lockdown. This one does not look exactly like the first one, but it has the effect that we have to transform everything, rethink our modes of diffusion, and resilience, because there is no question of cancelling. We must participate in maintaining a living creation. Our recourse: the Internet. Our biggest frustration: the lack of physical contact and the distance of most of the artists and partners who were supposed to come. A few of them will nevertheless be there in residency to conduct workshops and contribute to the collective energization. In a record time, we have a challenge to meet.


It is at the end of 2020, a strange year to say the least, calling for a reconfiguration of everything, that the Rencontres Mondes Multiples (Multiple Worlds Encounters) come to succeed the Rencontres Bandits-Mages, a video creation festival born in 1991. Reconfiguring, rethinking, resetting are not means of erasing, but as ways of taking a new look at the past in order to imagine and shape a future. To work on archives, pieces being around, disparate fragments, buried or camouflaged knowledges, to imagine one's future. Thinking also with illness, wounds, traumas, considering them not as broken pieces to be filled in, but as a passage, a transformation with which one must know how to build. To see and hear a Multiple World or Multiple Worlds is to enter a vortex made of complexities that we want to dissect and play with irresistibly, as apprentice sorcerers or apprentice scientists, as artists modelling a dream world, an extension of a rich heritage and various discoveries that have crossed a thousand and one times, without necessarily meeting each other well.


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The title Monde.s Multiple.s is borrowed from Don Foresta, author of the book Mondes Multiples written in 1986-87 and published in 1991 (year of creation of Bandits-Mages) by B.S. The book develops his theories on the relationship between art and science, art and new technologies, the role of the artist as a researcher.


  Pour mieux comprendre l'origine du titre des Rencontres, téléchargez le texte de Don Foresta FR

  To better understand the origin of the title of the Rencontres, download the text by Don Foresta EN