The Evil Cyborg with Chloé Desmoineaux and Constanza Piña

The Evil Cyborg

with Chloé Desmoineaux et Constanza Piña – UrsuLab project



Experimental laboratory of creation and reflection on bodies, women and machines. A practical and theoretical work is suggested, a reflection and an individual and collective manner of creating an hybrid and cyborg imaginary body followed by its design.


Program :


Ever since the emergence of technology, the human body has become “obsolete” and technology has inserted itself as a prosthesis, that not only adds an absent or nonexistent part, but also increases and expands the body through an artifact. Upon the basis of this idea, the Evil Cyborg lab is an invitation to address technology as a possibility of expansion and reformulation of the humankind idea, and as a tool that offers us multiple possibilities to rebuild our bodies from our desires and freedoms, break the binarisms between man/woman, natural/artificial, human/animal, flesh/machine, among others.

During these days, we will focus on a practical and theoretical work, in which we will reflect in an individual and collective way on an imaginary body, through the design of extensions/organs able to rely on the observation of our natural/artificial environment and all realms, especially inspiring aspects such as animality, bestiality, monstrosity and taking as reference some mythological beings, biological organisms, cyborgs, aliens and other possible fantasies. Moreover, building electronic circuits and hacking computer material, we will be able to give an “artificial life” to our prosthesis.


You can make the rendering of your work visible by sending your files to