Jens Hauser
Curator and author, Jens Hauser lives and works in Paris and Copenhagen where he is an affiliated researcher at the Medical Museion of the University of Copenhagen. He is also a distinguished member of the Department of Arts, Art History and Design at Michigan State University, a visiting professor at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Danube University Krems. As a media studies scholar, he questions the interactions between art and technology, and has curated some twenty international exhibitions.


Aniara Rodado
Choreographer, artist and researcher, Aniara Rodado extends her practice beyond dance and beyond the human body in order to question the current ecological crises at a time of techno-scientific fetishisation. From a trans-feminist perspective, she explores witchcraft and interspecific relationships coming from the plant world. Aniara Rodado is also a Ph.D candidate in science and arts at the École Polytechnique, Université Paris-Saclay.


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