From Saturday 5 November to Sunday 20 November 2022




The assessment is heavy, hard, complex, indigestible: Sanitary, ecological, geopolitical, crisis, ubiquitous war. So, to take up Alice Carabedian on her invitation to theUtopie Radicale (Ed. Seuil.)[Unknown A1]


“since reality hasten to fuse with the worse fictions (…), we must take a step to the side and claim the subversive power of fiction so as to not only reenchant our tomorrows, open the doors of our alternative thoughts, but also for repoliticizing our attention to a possible common world.”


Propose a Monde•s Multiple•smeeting, to take this step to the side, requires knowing how to develop the weaving sense, of the link between elements, not necessarily disparate but come by force of circumstances. These elements are explored by mobilized sensibilities to both see and hear. They are author sensibilities, of researchers.

The question becomes then to position oneself, hear the imaginary voices, cross multiple fields: artistic, scientific, societal, social. Language fields. Also, life fields.

These fields, overflowing, play with the intersection between old and contemporary technics and technologies (from writing to virtual technologies going through electronic and analogue systems), between scientific research (philosophy, sociology, and biology) and the art research (undefinable).

These fields embody a space where the imaginary power can fully express itself, reshuffle creation cards and suggest with the sciences. The Multiple World-s space-time is conducive to speculation to think of a desirable future and a liveable multi-species environment. It is in itself political because it is collective. It is open to odd dialogues that imply a critical sense. It calls on curiosity and a sensibility of the strange, the monstrous, the wonderful, the margins, the science fiction, the radicality.


Concretely, this space-time is a composition made of:

  •   Exhibitions,
  •   Concerts
  •   Conferences,
  •   Meetings with artists, authors,
  •   Films projection,
  •   of shared meals
  •   Multiple exchange times,
  •   Online content proposals,
  •   To and from “Real” and “Virtual”,
  •   To and from documented worlds and speculative fictions
  •   Frank talks
  •   Debates


In 2022, the Multiple World-s meeting is constructed from a work selection from the artists residence deployed in Europe thanks to a sprawling program: “EMAP” (European Media Art Platform -[2]). It is enriched from a network of relationships built with other artists, authors, and collective creations.


New senses emerge.


What follows takes us there.