Alexis Degrenier + Lottie Sebes


Mouvements fantômes, membres miroirs of Alexis Degrenier + Veritas Ventriloquist of Lottie Sebes

Vendredi 18 novembre – 21h21
Antre Peaux – Nadir


Mouvements fantômes, membres miroirs of Alexis Degrenier 


After his studies of classical percussion and composition, Alexis Degrenier decides to take ways as multiple as apart, calling on the music of G. Ligeti as well as on the metric systems of the Maquam, the musics of the Middle east, the everyday mechanical throbs or again the musics of the Centre-France passing by the study of the slanted listening of the sound spaces. He gets his inspiration in the literature or the philosophy to extract what he desires transforming: The concept in affect.

In his instrumental practice, he learns as much from the oral tradition as from the written music and decides to join the forms for his solo percussion and objects “Mouvements fantômes, membres miroirs”. In this work he desires shifting according to the spaces and the possibles, time transforms into durations to become a (not)exhausted pulse. He collaborates today with La Tène, the Minisym ensemble, the project “In C”, the group Tanz Mein Herz, the Insub Meta Orchestra, the percussion trio Cerbère, co-compose OutreNoir (with Golem Mécanique), makes film musics by Rose Lowder and compose the music of the show “À l'Ouest” of the choreographer Olivia Granville. In 2022, he becomes a teacher performing in music-s in the ESACM (art school of Clermont-Ferrand). In November, his first solo record “La mort aura tes yeux” will be released at Standard in-fi and Murailles Music.


Veritas Ventriloquist (2020-2022) de Lottie Sebes


Performance with a sewing machine, effects and sewing machine pedals, electromagnetic microphones, Talk-box, magnetic tape, found objects, 20 min.

Veritas Ventriloquist is a performance and a sound work that questions, transforms and exploits the historical links between gender, voice, and technologies. In the heart if this performance, we find the Veritas Machine – a noisy and dynamic woman-machine interface –, made from dismantled and reforged sewing machines, reconsidered as an instrument and a vocal synthesizer. This object is a whole, a device and a relational system of technological components mainly used by women. Loops of archive material and electromagnetic sound are rolled up in the mechanisms of the sewing machines, combined to their pirated pedals. All resonates in the oral cavity of the artist. The body becomes the echo chamber of a genealogy where machines and media have historically printed their gendered codes. The choking and the aggression infiltrate between the cracks and the feminized looks. The ventriloqual noise of the machine irrupts by the mouth to form a shared agency through which a cyborg voice can defy the limits of her own gendered story.


Lottie Sebes

Lottie Sebes is a Berlin-based artist, researcher and curator from Sydney, Australia. Driven by her research in media archaeology, she is fascinated by the past lives, cultural meanings and living agencies of old and new technologies.