Jeu de Mondes 2.0


Collective and immersive exploration playground in virtual worlds

From November 17 to January 15, 2023


Artistic coordination and original idea: David Legrand

With the artists: Léo Sallanon, Étienne Müller, Laurianne Rolo, Woojung Yim, Bartosz Stępnik, Maëva Guillery, Yue Sun, Xing Xiao et Xiyue Hu, Clark Isa Pulchella, Matthieu Crimersmois 

Sound universe: Philippe Zunino

3D artist: : Roland Lauth

Computer science development: Léo Sallanon, Cédric Massart, Xing Xiao

Régie d’exposition et multi-média : Jessie Morin, Antonin Verhulst, Tatjana Komaroff

Machine design : Fabrice Cotinat

Live-stream : Jérémy Saintout 

Accueil et médiation : Sybille Raffort

Production : Antre Peaux

Coordination : Sandra Emonet

Chargée de production : Olivia Earle


Outside the walls - Château d’eau – Château d’art

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 3pm to 7pm

The exhibition is closed on Saturday, December 24, Sunday, December 25, Saturday, December 31 and Sunday, January 1er.


Réservation fortement conseillée par mail : (une confirmation vous sera envoyée) ou par téléphone pendant les horaires d’ouverture de l’exposition : 06 09 83 34 98
Pour les visites de groupes, merci d’écrire à

L’utilisation des casques de réalité virtuelle est autorisée aux plus de 13 ans


Remerciements : École supérieure d’art et de design d’Orléans, École nationale supérieure d’art de Limoges, École Supérieure d’Art et Design Le Havre-Rouen, ESA AA – école supérieure d’art annecy alpes, École nationale supérieure d’art de Bourges, École des Beaux-Arts de Nantes Saint-Nazaire, Institut supérieur des arts et du design de Toulouse, École européenne supérieure de l’image Angoulême – Poitiers, SARL TimGroup, APY micro SAS.

Cette exposition reçoit le soutien à la reprise en faveur de la cohésion et des territoires de l’Europe (REACT-EU) en région Centre-Val de Loire, elle bénéficie du soutien du ministère de la Cohésion des territoires et des Relations avec les collectivités territoriales et de la Ville de Bourges.


Vernissage on Thursday, November 17 at 6 p.m.

In the form of an exhibition in virtual realities, a jumble between the “real” world and the “virtual” world, the group Hall Noir has invited at the end of the year 2021 each one to explore imaginaries modelled from and within the Château d’eau-Château d’Art of Bourges.

Hall Noir is an artistic and educational nebula of individuals linked by a creative system quite simple, demystified and psychic, in order to make visible the wealth of contemporary non-profit artistic ideas. After eight years of intensive collective creation, the last generation has decided to dematerialize itself to become a collective, meta-artists.

Originally, the inhabitants of the open – it is what they were called – cultivate the creation in company, always in company, populated by other beings, establishing fundamental friendships, and generating a joy so curious that it does not belong to the human art anymore. They create together, in a worlds game, an intermediary zone between real and virtual with the aim to short-circuit the set forms of art and existence, and to raise awareness of the public sensitive to the diversity of the seedlings, the beings, the things, the thoughts, the ages and the tastes, in continual transformation.


Jeu de mondes was presented in beta version on the occasion of the Multiple World-s Meetings in 2021:

The 2.0 version is exposed on the occasion of the Multiple World-s Meetings in 2022. The exhibition proposes its metamorphosis in a collective and active substance, with multi-sensory, visual, and touch-sensitive languages…

The travellers navigate in superimposed realities in the space of the Château d’Eau-Château d’Art thanks to helmets-mounted display of virtual reality (VR) that enable them to explore freely the digital works. With a look like cosmonauts, they are going to discover an alternative reality, visit parallel worlds, crossing this substance where the circulation in the virtual space is the same as that of the real room. Enabling the users of the helmets-mounted display to move physically in the room, the immersion is total. En permettant aux utilisateur·trices des visiocasques de se déplacer physiquement dans la pièce, l’immersion est totale.

The exhibition plays with the superimposition to permit to the experimenters to sit on a chair, lie in a bed, run, authorize themselves big movements between the physical and virtual world. 

En partenariat avec APY, fournisseur de solutions informatiques