La Salle des Tweets


Virtual work of the New Agricultural Ministry

From November 19 to December 4, 2022

Antre Peaux – Virtual world

Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 3pm to 7pm

The “New Ministry of Agriculture”, represented by the artists-ministers Suzanne Husky and Stéphanie Sagot were in residence within “Virtual Antre Peaux”. It is a faithful 3D reproduction of all its diffusion and creation spaces.


Whatever the government in place, the agricultural policies are not scrutinized by the citizens and yet their survival depends on it. The New Ministry of Agriculture (Control, Innovate, Exploit, Accumulate) has its roots in the actions of the French Ministry of Agriculture and the Food Sovereignty, but also in the agribusiness which embody the contemporary mortiferous contradictions. Behind elements of language prepared to commit for the climate, the biodiversity, or the animal wellness, are encouraged the development of farms factories, great cereal establishments, the robotisation, the agrivoltaic, the agro technology and the geo engineering. The artistic duo puts these thematics at the centre of its problems. 


La Salle des Tweets, 2022

For the wilderness, the New Ministry of Agriculture proposes the Room of the Tweets.

In this virtual space, the Twitter flesh chicken, blue, retweets the last messages of the current Minister of Agriculture (also newly of the Food Sovereignty). The ancient tweets remain disponible for reading by the visitors. In these tweets element of language is played the whole political program, technological and energetic extra-activist of this Ministry that defend as much the robotisation, the agrivoltaic, the elimination of certain species (especially beetles), the unbridled innovation, the development of the wood channel as the living and the climate. These tweets contain all the contradictions of an institution when it is so responsible of the terrestrial wellness.