Evening Speculative Fabulation (Science Fiction) Party #1: Mechanical Heaven + Calling Marian


Evening Spéculative Fabulation (Science Fiction) Party #1
Mechanical Heaven + Calling Marian
Saturday, November 5th - 9:21pm
Antre Peaux – Nadir



Mechanical Heaven / DJ Set / Orléans – Paris


Emma Thalia feeds on rebellious, distorted, dark, sensitive, psychedelic sounds. When she doesn’t compose hidden at the back of her room, the artist explores and travels indefinitely in all electronic and experimental music layers. Pursuing the grooves of sound migration, she forges links and has fun following her intuition.


Calling Marian / Techno atmosphérique / France


Calling Marian is a solo project of instrumental electronic music carried by Marianne Delorme. The project has known several type mutations (folk, electro-pop) before definitively mutating in 2015 in an electronic and techno project, while the public release of the first titles. As of 2018, after several years of DJ set, the project has taken a live dimension to materialise a need for more personal artistic representation.

Winner of the jury prize of the iNOUïs of the Printemps de Bourges 2019 and laureate of the FAIR 2020, Calling Marian is definitely one of the emerging figures of the electronic scene to be monitored very closely. DJ, producer and live performer, this insatiable artist multiplies projects, either solo with a series of EP blending electro, techno, and acid, while enlacing music and image and assuring the management of her label CVNT Records.