Séance cinéma #Carte blanche à Boris Lehman


Free rein to Boris Lehman

Nina de Vroome, Dominique Loreau

Saturday, November 19th - 2:45pm
Outside the walls: Natural History Museum of Bourges


To the question “Can you propose a program on the animal world?” Boris Lehman had responded by a face-to-face between crabs and bees, providing the opportunity of meeting two Belgian film maker.

  • Une si longue marche de Dominique Loreau, documentaire, Belgique, 2022, 62 min, HD

This film interrogates the conflicting meeting between humans and Chinese crabs, accidentally imported in Northern Europe, that migrate each year in polluted rivers. Trying to bypass obstacles erected by humans, they invade small towns or plug the filter of a nuclear power plant.

Dominique Loreau


  • Globes de Nina de Vroome, documentaire, Belgique, 2021, 98 min

Caught in a dance, bees tell stories on the surrounding world. Humans claim a role, sometimes intimate and very close, sometimes distant and at industrial scale. Nina de Vroome thoughts swarm like bees. From the smallest alveole of the hive to the global economy, her documentary essay maps the links between humans and bees. As accomplished story tellers, they both give form to their life on earth.

Nina de Vroome


Boris Lehman


Everyone will tell you, Boris Lehman is a film maker at the first person. He is part of this mythical and friendly family that has brothers and cousins Brakhage, Mekas, Morder, De Bernardi, Noren, Hernandez, Kawanaka, Guttenplan, Hanoun, Courant or Akerman. He brings the cinema closer to the intimate literature and the self-portrait. He is also the film maker of the Other and of the meeting with the Other.

Through his fund of photographic archives and his 16 mm editing table, Boris Lehman is in permanent residence at Antre Peaux.